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Record Store / Fli Beat Patrol 7" (yellow vinyl)


Limited to 100 copies!

Ill Adrenaline Records is excited to announce a brand new 7" vinyl featuring the funky Canadian hip hop duo Dragon Fli Empire (Teekay & DJ Cosm), with guest appearances from J-Live and Djar One.

The A-Side, "Record Store" is an ode to the 'sacred temple for the analog enthusiast'. Teekay and legendary New York emcee J-Live take you through the dusty shelves of your average digging spot, over a smooth bossa nova-inspired banger produced by DJ Cosm and Metawon.

The B-Side, "Fli Beat Patrol" is produced by renowned French beat maker Djar One, and takes the listener through a genealogy of hip hop beats starting from the 1960s, emphasizing that you 'wouldn't have rap without funk and soul'. This uptempo track pays homage to hip hop greats like Flava Unit and Juice Crew, featuring a funky groove combined with cuts by DJ Cosm and a catchy ear worm hook that will probably get stuck in your head!

About Dragon Fli Empire: Since 2002, the dynamic duo of Teekay (MC) and DJ Cosm has been bringing their own brand of beats and rhymes, inspired by the greats like Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, and De La Soul. The pair has toured across Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, and parts of the US. DFE has released four full-length albums and several EPs as a crew in addition to numerous solo projects, and are currently working on their fifth album, "Class In Session".


A1. Record Store feat. J-Live

B1. Fli Beat Patrol (prod. by Djar One)

Please note: This is a pre-order. Shipping on or around January 17.